We’ve opened in the heart of Rome between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, the restaurant we’ve been dreaming of for years with 2 big cooking counters in our main kitchen, 26 seats, our healthy and intense cuisine al in all a blend between land and research.

Taste comes before anything, (stomach first your mind later), there’s special care towards raw materials a tight bond with the earth and the seasons. A blend created as a way to get value for money. This is us.


Retrobottega has decided two years after its opening to expand and diversify.

The bottega: having renovated the place and dressing it up we are now ready to welcome our customers 7 days a week to our double sized counter which allows direct contact to the main kitchen and its staff. The kitchen runs on a 12 - hour day, it is thus ready to offer a new Italian cuisine, created by Giuseppe Lo Iudice and Alessandro Miocchi, owners of Retrobottega.

The reason for us being two is that we are into a less chef oriented type of cuisine. Our goal is to focus more on the act of cooking, the simplicity of the taste and less on the chef.

We enjoy talking to breeders, farmers, fishermen and wild herb pickers. Confronting ourselves with artisans such as carpenters and blacksmiths, jewelers, designers, fashion designers, artists and creative people makes us grow.

  • Pranzo / Lunch


    Parmigiana di melanzane
    Aubergine parmigiana
    Frittata di cipolle ed erbe amare
    Wild herbs and onion frittata


    Trenette fredde al pomodoro
    Cold tomato trenette
    Fettuccine, ragù di agnello e menta
    Home made fettuccine, lamb ragu and mint


    Calamari e zucchine
    Calamari and zucchini
    Pollo alla diavola
    Hells Chicken
  • Cena / Dinner

    Formula Retrobottega

    un percorso libero di 5 piatti scelti dal menu
    2 antipasti + 1 primo + 1 secondo + 1 dolce
    an open 5 course set menu to be chosen from the menu
    2 appetizers + 1 first course + 1 main course + 1 dessert

    50 euro
    per l'intero tavolo / gruppo di commensali
    to be taken by the entire table / group


    Merluzzo, fave e rabarbaro
    Cod, fava beans and rhubarb
    Capesante, borragine e mortadella
    Scallops, borage and mortadella
    Animelle, manioca e tartufo
    Sweetbread, manioc and truffle
    Nervetti e cipollotto
    Veal cartilage and spring onion
    Zucchine e stracciata
    Zucchini and buffalo burrata


    Pasta, piselli e canocchie
    Pasta, peas and mantis shrimp
    Gnocchi di saraceno, occhi di canna e shiitake
    Saracen gnocchi, baby calamari and shiitake
    Spaghettini, ortica e guanciale
    Spaghettini, nettle and pork guanciale
    Trenette, zafferano e vitello
    Trenette, saffron and veal
    Risotto, polline e paprika
    Risotto, pollen and paprika


    Polpo e indivia
    Octopus and endive
    Rombo, mandorle e asparagi
    Turbot, almonds and asparagus
    Fagiano laccato, cime e rape
    Lacquered pheasant, turnips and greens
    Pecora e finocchio
    Sheep and fennel
    Porro, capperi e limoni
    Leek, capers and lemon


    Latte e sambuco
    Milk and elder
    Ananas e cioccolato bianco
    Ananas and white chocolate
    Ciliegie e vaniglia
    Cherries and vanilla
    Riso, nocciole e passion fruit
    Rice, hazelnut and passion fruit
    Fragole e sedano
    Strawberries and celery


Giuseppe Lo Iudice
Born in Salerno, grew up in kitchens world wide between New York, London and Berlin. I worked at the Bulgari Hotel of Milan and at the “Il Pagliaccio” restaurant in Rome before opening Rettrobottega.

Alessandro Miocchi
I was raised by Enrico Crippa, Antonio Guida and Anthony Genovese, in their kitchens. Being in the kitchen is my way of enjoying and living raw materials, seasons as well as that intrinsic simplicity of food.


Summer 2018, Retrobottega is splitting and will be opening a restaurant inside the restaurant itself though an independent place where we’ll be offering a deep, intimate experience a unique whole personal itinerary.


What was once our kitchen lab at the restaurant is to become our wine cellar. A wide choice of clever wines all from small wine producers added to all of those things that we love about the drinking world. Entrance is from via d’Ascanio.


Our new reservation system allows you to book Retrobottega’s four seasons:

Boreal Spring 2018 7th March > 2st June 2018
Boreal Summer 2018 22nd June > 22nd September 2018
Boreal Autumn 2018 23rd September > 21st December 2018
Boreal Winter 2018\2019 21st December 2018 > 20th March 2019

Reservations can be done a month prior to the beginning of the season:

- 21st May 2018 reservations for Boreal Summer
- 23rd July 2018 reservations for the Boreal Autumn
- 21st November 2018 reservations for the Boreal Winter
- Reservations for the spring (until the 21st June 2018) begin as of March 8th 2018

Tel. +39 06 68136310


Opening hours
Monday 18:30 \ 23:30
Tuesday \ Sunday 12:00 \ 23:30
Via della Stelletta, 4
00186 Rome


If requested Retrobottega can be transformed into your private location for your event. For an estimate write to: eventi@retro-bottega.com


RETROBOTTEGA no dress code. All you need is the will and freedom to share.


Our wine list varies within our wonderful Italian vineyards with a few exceptions beyond our border. If you are willing to organize a wine tasting please ask beforehand for extra wine. Should you feel like bringing your own wine bottle from home you will be charged only 10 euro.


We are (nearly) always open.
24th December we are open for lunch but not for dinner.
25th December we are closed.
31st December 2018 And January 1st 2019 only open for dinner.


Our restaurant has high chairs therefore it is not very suitable for children. Because of limited space could you kindly let us know beforehand if you have a pram so that we can arrange your stay at our restaurant and make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
Design & photo
Elisia Menduni
Jacopo Algozzino